Our Harley-Davidson Vivid Black custom mixed color features low build, fewer coats, are easy to apply, and touchups are easier than ever. Available in many colors including the popular Vivid Black, Birch White, Fire Red Pearl and Rich Sunglow Blue. Due to their unique chemical make-up they may be top coated with either an acrylic lacquer or urethane enamel. Return or Refund Policy
  H a r l e y  -  D a v i d s o n     I n d i a n      H o n d a    K a w a s a k i    Y a m a h a    N o r t o n    T r i u m p h    S u z u k i
  H a r l e y  -  D a v i d s o n     I n d i a n      H o n d a    K a w a s a k i    Y a m a h a    N o r t o n    T r i u m p h    S u z u k i
Returns and/or Refunds:
Please read carefully

All our colors are special custom orders mixed the match the OEM colors. Once the paint has been mixed it become property of the buyer. VMR Paints has performed numerous sprayout tests to be sure you are receiving a guaranteed color match to the OEM color. VMR Paints operates in good faith and will always be fair with its customers if there is an issue


No refunds will be authorize if the paint has not be returned. VMR Paints must be notified in writing within (14) days (including holidays and weekends) after the delivery has been made of any concerns. We strongly suggest to perform a sprayout test prior to the application. If there is a color issue, we will work with you to reslove the problem quickly.

How to deal with colors issues:

  • Contact our business directly via email (contact@VMRpaints.com) about returns, refunds or any questions, please forward the information to us immediately.  One of our staff member will respond ASAP to your questions or concerns.
  • You must attach photos of the sprayout card(s) compared to your original OEM color when contacting VMR Paints. These sprayout cards must be thorough with full coverage and complete.
  • Include in email a detailed description of the application process, colors applied including number of coats.
  • If VMR Paints agrees they are at fault based upon the sprayout photos, application process, you will be asked to return the full shipment order back to us in the same condition as received. We will not except any return(s) that have not meet these criteria's.
  • Any refunds will be prorated based upon the amounts used if more than 5%, less the original shipping cost.
  • Customer is responsible for the cost of returns, including taxes and any additional shipping charges that may occur.
  • 15% re-stocking fee may apply to returned orders.
  • VMR Paints will not except any unauthorized returns. These products will been sent back at the shipper expense
If the paint has been applied to the motorcycle, part(s) or any part of the structure, this voids any customer satisfaction guarantee and/or voids your customer buyer protection warrenty. We will not except any returns and/or provide any refunds.
Once the paint has been applied the painter except responsibility that the color, shade and/or flake is correct as described
Returnable Reasons:
  • Wrong color(s) sent
  • Leaked contents due to shipping damaged

Non-Returnable Reasons:
  • Paint applied to motorcycle and/or any parts
  • Painter Error (ex. over/under spraying midcoats, orange peel, fisheyeing, etc.)
  • Using other product(s) not compatible with our products.
  • Failure to follow manufactures Material Data Sheet accompanied with every order.
  • Using alternative color(s) in a 3-stage application.... (such as, your own basecoats or midcoats). Note: This can charge the color and/or metallic severely.
Notice and Disclaimer:

VMR Paints, LLC. is not in affiliated with any paint manufacturing or distributing company, such as House of Kolor®, Dupont®, and/or PPG®, who's paints may be used to reproduce custom mixed paint colors sold and packaged on this site or any site owned and operated by VMR Paints.  VMR Paints is not in affiliated with any motorcycle manufacturing company, such as Harley-Davidson®, Honda®, Indian®, Yamaha®, Kawasaki®, Norton®, Triumph®, Suzuk®, Ducat®, and/or BMW®. Logos and trademark names are the property of the licensed registered companies. VMR Paints uses of these logos and/or trademark names only to describe and identify the manufactures product. All paints and additional products sold by VMR Paints are considered or referred as after market paint and in no way does VMR Paints make any claim to reproduce or sell any original paint used by any manufacture listed a on this site.
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